Finance and Mortgages for buying these houses.


Elsek & Elsek Group


The Elsek & Elsek group is also a financier of the Kikambala housing project, offering a long payment term of up to 90 months with a 500 000/= ksh down payment. For more detailed information on the company, visit the company website on

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Bank Of Africa


The bank commenced operations in Kenya in July 2004, after acquiring Credit Agricole Indosuez in Kenya which had been in operations in Kenya for over 20years. The bank currently has 22 branches spread across the major towns in Kenya.

Bank Of Africa understands its customers and prospective home owners and works out banking services that fits  their banking needs entirely. Making new, relevant services drives BOA. It is all about innovation.

That why Bank Of africa has come up with the BOA Mortgage product with features to help you walk through the mortgage with ease. This is because we understand that there’s no place like your own home.

And now it’s more affordable with Bank Of Africa’s Mortgage Finance. We have therefore partnered with Elsek & Elsek Group in the Kikambala Housing Estate project to provide prospective buyers and end users with customized financing options and promising quick turn-around time. For more information visit