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Our mission


To deliver exceptional construction services at fair and at competitive prices and to establish long term working relations with our clients by exceeding their expectations.

So who are we?

Elsek & Elsek

Elsek & Elsek was founded in 1996 in Istanbul Turkey. We are proud of what we have accomplished since our inception. Our company has adopted the principles of continuous improvement and is customer oriented. , hence we have and continue to make heavy investments in the production and employment opportunities within the region.

Elsek & Elsek (k) Ltd. is one of the leading companies of the Elsek & Elsek Group of Companies in the construction business, bringing world tested construction technologies to the East African market.

Elsek & Elsek (k) Ltd. Is producing, E.P.S. (Expanded Polystyrene Styrofoam), galvanized steel covered by special mixture of concrete and steel construction technology in East Africa.

We have an ongoing construction for 309 units of low cost houses with executive finishing at Kikambala along the Mombasa - Malindi road 25km from Mombasa town, which are on sale now. Some of the facilities within the estate are a shopping mall, kindergarten, swimming pool, health center e.t.c.



Elsek & Elsek (k) Ltd.  Employs over 252 Kenyan citizens, on a permanent basis and a steady inflow of about 100 casual workers.

We also outsource services including slabbing, plumbing and wiring hence creating more employment opportunities.

We offer some training from international technicians, on new international technologies to our employees to keep them abreast with new and emerging construction trends.